Blue Jackets decided to hire Martin St. Louis to guide special teams because the team struggled over the last 2 seasons. This important step is taken to address the issue and improve overall performance.

Blue Jackets hired Martin St. Louis as a guide

Martin St. Louis was hired by Blue Jackets to guide special teams. The team struggled in the past seasons, so it decided to take certain steps to address the issue. That’s why Martin St. Louis was hired as a consultant for special teams. However, Blue Jackets is still developing his exact role. If you want to wager on its future games, go to

Martin St. Louis is hired by Blue Jackets

Martin St. Louis loves the game because he’s been coaching since his retirement. He feels excited to share his immense knowledge and experience while still coaching his boys. He announced that he’s looking forward to work with players and coaches in Columbus.

During his NH career, Martin St. Louis recorded 216 assists and 101 goals. He is famous for his hard work, sheer determination to succeed, and a deep understanding of how to play this game. He also has a lot of knowledge so that he will be a good asset to Blue Jackets.

The team is in the second place with 59 points, but it lost 6 games in the playoffs. Martin St. Louis last played in the 2015 and he was introduced into the Hall of Fame this November. Now, he will start guiding special teams for Blue Jackets as a special consultant.