Cryptocurrency is very intriguing and popular at the same time around the world, and though it is used under the radar because of some constraints with the law, a lot of experts say that it is the future of the world’s currency.

Cryptocurrency is an electronic medium to exchange favored by many underground financial experts and nowadays it has increased its interest among online gamblers.


So, can you legally use cryptocurrency for gambling? According to experts, the law is very vague when it comes to considering the entire legality of cryptocurrency in many countries around the world. If you are not that familiar with cryptocurrency, you can Google Bitcoin which is the most popular version of it. A lot of online gamblers out there use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to fund their online gambling activities. A list of crypto casinos online is not that accurate as well.


Cryptocurrency also has turned into a medium of choice for many online gamblers nowadays for various reasons. They say it is all about the value and the convenience they get. It has value because a single cryptocurrency is worth more than a thousand dollars depending on the brand and the demand and other aspects of it. Using one cryptocurrency can turn you into a high stake, online casino player. It is totally convenient knowing that you can use any banking methods you prefer.

If you are confused about whether cryptocurrency is illegal in major countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, it is still a huge question for many knowing that online gambling is not monitoring the type of currency their players use in wagering at their favorite online casino games. However, certain parts of the United States have strict rules when it comes to online gambling that may cover the legality of cryptocurrency.

Online sports betting prohibition

Is it okay to use cryptocurrency in online casino gaming? Find out here

Meanwhile, in online sports betting, does not accept cryptocurrencies for a punter to wager. This is because it is illegal to transfer money or to facilitate any transactions for illegal gambling like underground sports betting which is rampant in the United States. This law is under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) but there is no clear explanation that Bitcoin is prohibited to be used in online sports betting or if any person caught using it is apprehended by the law.

Negative/Positive impact

Considering that cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, a lot of experts are concerned about its main goal especially when it is used for profit in online gambling. However, on the brighter side, cryptocurrency has repeatedly overcome these obstacles as more people are opting to utilize this for different purpose including online gambling.

Cryptocurrency provides a lot of conveniences where you can create your own E-wallet and receive any transactions from anyone who is also utilizing cryptocurrency anywhere in the world and cashing out that can be accessed to any banking system but still cryptocurrency is not entirely legal in many countries that is why it is normal for someone to ask as many questions as they can with regards to using it in online casino gaming.