Sports betting is a bigger term with so many concepts that you must be aware of to increase the winning possibilities.

Here is the compiled list of sports betting terminology that you will most probably encounter while placing a bet on a sports event.

  • Accumulator

Combining multiple bets.

  • Action

Any bets placed on a specific sports event.

  • After Extra Time (AET)

Extra time used to play a soccer game in case of a tie in a match.

  • Against The Spread (ATS)

The process of taking points instead of taking a game straight up.

  • Alternate Lines

Standard betting line derivatives.

  • Bankroll

The amount a person uses for betting.

  • Bet

Act of placing money on the result of a sports event.

  • Betting Exchange

A term used when a betting site matches backer rather than accepting the stake.

  • Bookmaker/Bookie

A licensed person responsible for creating betting lines and taking bets on sporting events.

  • Bonus

Reward offered to registered bettors on sign-up and throughout the game. For example, according to Betway review, signing up into this site and making a minimum deposit can reward you with ₹2,500 match bonus on sports.

  • Chalk

A competitor (athlete, horse, or team) favored to win.

  • Cover

Winning the bet after covering the point spread by a certain number of points.

  • Commission

The amount charged by a bookmaker for placing a bet.

  • Decimal Odds

Odds (aka European Odds) shown in a decimal format.

  • Dog

Short term for underdog.

  • Draw

A situation when a game ends with no loser or a winner.

  • Edge

Bettor’s advantage over the bookmaker in sports betting.

  • Fade

Betting on the opposite side.

  • Figure

Money owned by a bookmaker.

  • Future

Bets placed on an advanced outcome that takes place after some time in the future.

  • Grand Salami

Grand totals of runs or goals scored across a specific game in a day.

  • High Roller

Sports bettor with a high stake.

  • In-Game

Placing a bet when the game is currently played.

  • Juice

Commission earned by the bookmaker.

  • Key Numbers

The most common margins of wins or losses.

  • Layoff

The amount placed by one bookmaker with another bookie for reduced liability.

  • Line

Another word used for odds.

  • Mush

Bettor having a bad fortune.

  • No Action (NA)

A bet with no lose or win of money.

  • Over/Under Betting

Betting for the outcome where total goals or points scored are more or less than line set by a bookie.

  • Payout

Winning bet return.

  • Pick’em

A game having no underdog.

  • Real-Time Odds

Live betting lines that update automatically when bookmaker adjusts the numbers.

  • Runner

A person who bets in place of another individual.

  • Sportsbook

Another word used for a bookmaker.

  • Total

Total points, goals, or runs scored by both teams during a specific game.

  • Underdog

Competitors with the possibility to lose.

  • Wager

Another term for a bet.

  • Z-Score

Determining the difference between one data point and an average point.